Terms & Conditions

 CTI Colour Printer is committed to provide our client with the quickest turnaround & the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices. To achieve this service, we must plan well to achieve the best results.

Please read carefully of our trading terms and conditions below.

Terms and Condition of trading:


1.        Due to our fast turnaround time, CTI Colour printer will not accept any changes or cancellation. Please check your order closely before

submitting order to CTI colour printer.

2.        Addition artwork fee will apply if you would like us to correct any artwork or if we must provide quality product.


1.        Whilst all care is taken in checking your files for file related errors that may affect the quality of your job, CTI accepts no responsibility for files that are not print ready.

2.        To achieve our best service, jobs that are submitted must be print ready which includes the following items:

1)      ALL artwork must be a PDF Format and has a 2mm Bleed on each side.

2)      ALL colours that are going to use full colour process printing which includes Spots and RGB must be converted to CMYK, unless printing Spot colour runs only!

3)      All fonts are to be embedded or outlined.

4)      Trim marks must be provided for finishing sizes.

5)      Colour objects & text must have overprints knocked or be set in art work already.

6)   Flatten all transparency all object with medium resolution

 If any of these requirements do not meet CTI standard, CTI colour printer will not responsible for the job outcomes.

 For more Technical Information please download from our website support menu.

3.      CTI Colour Printer does NOT provide colour matching as a service. CTI does NOT do colour match PMS Colours for full colour process printing.  Please note the Solids to Process pantone swatch book is only a guide and the colours can not always match due to many factors that are beyond control.

4.      We do Not accept any Digital proofing for colour matching, only for layout purpose. If you have flyers printed from us previously and same CMYK pdf file (not business cards or postcard), we will try to ensure the colour is consistent to the previous job. However, CTI cannot guarantee that it will and we are not liable for any reprinted jobs.

5.      The majority of our products are bulk printed and there are various factors and conditions may affect the colours that are printed.  For this reason, CTI Colour Printer is unable to offer exact colour matching and colours may slightly aviary for reprints.  CTI Colour Printer does not responsible for colour variations whilst ganging up jobs for our bulk runs.


1.        Our Turnaround is 3-5 working days  for Full Colour printing and 5-8  working days  for Spot Colour, Docket Books, Magazine after receiving your files.

2.        If client has a particular time frame for their product, please contact us and we will attempt to meet your deadline.


1.        It is the customer’s responsibility to provide full details of the requested products.  This includes the type of finishing and the exact finishing size.  If details are not provided, we cannot ensure that the product will meet your requirement. CTI reserve the right to apply our standard trimming measurement as we see it fits and invoice will be calculated accordingly.

2.        There may be trimming variance of plus or minus one millimeter.


1.        We do not maintain accounts. Payment for all invoices is required before dispatch. If the payment is not received, CTI has the rights to hold and stop all jobs until the payment is made.

2.        A credit application and/or payment in full are requested for new clients prior to production.

3.        All prices are subject to change without notice.

4.        Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.


  1. An estimate delivery date for your order is calculated according to the information provided to us at the time of the order. Circumstance that is beyond our control may affect this date.  Please check with CTI to confirm delivery date for your order.
  1. CTI will not liable for any jobs that are delayed beyond our control.
  1. CTI Colour Printer will not be held liable for any loss of earnings or any legal action taken as a result of a delay in production or delivery.
  1. If the goods delivered are in a damaged condition or in damaged boxes, it is your responsibility to note this on the delivery docket with the courier immediately upon receipt.  Any goods signed for will not be reprinted unless this has been done.

Reporting Errors

1.        Any queries regarding printing or finishing errors must be made within 5 working days of receipt of goods.

2.        All reprint requests must be made via the Printing Faulty report and return the faulty products in question.

3.        If the error is clearly identified as a printing or finishing error, all necessary steps will be taken to rectify it.

4.        If problems occurred as a result of incorrect artwork, the client will be responsible for the reprinting and any associated costs.