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Artwork Specs

Resolution (DPI)

  •  Colour raster images should be 300DPI.
  •  Greyscale raster images should be no less than 800DPI.
  •  Monochromatic (bitmaps) should be 1200DPI.

Color Mode

  •  All Colour Model Should be converted to CMYK mode.

Color profile:

  •  Coated Fogra 29 (ISO 16427-2).
  •  Euroscale Coated V2.
  •  Uncoated Fogra29 (ISO-16427-2).
  •  Euroscale Uncoated V2.


  •  3mm external bleed.
  •  Text Margin should be 3mm inside from The trim mark.

Line thickness

  •  Minimum line thickness: 0.25pt.
  •  Anything below that point will not hold on the press.

Trim/Crop marks

  •  All Artwork must have trim mark for cutting guidance.


  •  All fonts must be Embed/Outlined or covert to Curves.


  •  All Layers MUST be flattened in one layer.


  •  All front and back print MUST be in Separate pages.
  •  Do not output front and back print as switch off layer view.

Die Cuts lines

  •  All Die-cuts lines must be in vector images & NOT raster images.

Transparency & Overprints

  •  If a transparency or overprint are to be used in the document it must be flatten and preserved within the documents.
  •  Flatten all transparency all object with medium resolution

Spot Colour

  •  All Spot Colour jobs must be provides in  a spot separation or map to a 100%  of a solid separation colour.


  •  All 100% Black background jobs must be converted to Rich Black using the Following Breakdowns C50%M40%Y20%K100% .
  •  All BLACK text to be left as 100% black unless it is more than 50pt.

File format:

  •   PDF Files only.

PDF File Version:

  •  Arcobat 4 (PDF 1.3)

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